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The Power of Promotional Products!

A Well-Thought-Out Promotional Products Marketing Campaign Is One of the Most Powerful Yet Cost-Effective Marketing Tools That Any Business Can Use To Increase Results Almost Overnight.

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The Power of Direct Response Marketing

Imagine what it’ll do for your business to discover the lethal direct-response marketing strategies that when combined, with the power of Promotional Products will instantly transform your marketing.

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Outrageous Promotions that are Outrageously Effective

Flood you business with more new leads, clients and sales than you can handle.

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What Our Clients Say About Outrageous Promotions

Generated $380,000 of new business

“Rob using your strategies we had an extremely successful marketing campaign for the opening of our new branch office. The promotion was targeted to clients, prospects, media, and industry associations. We received an incredible amount of feedback and calls from the campaign. As of today, we have generated $380,000 of new business for the firm. This campaign was much more effective than running an ad and sending out a press release.”

Lee, Lux Design

“When we added a car wash to our chain of quick lube service centers we were not getting as much traffic as we thought we would. We used the promotional products that work idea to help get the word out. We choose a large chip clip with the car wash info on one side and on the other side the name of the quick lube service center. We then clipped two coupons for the car wash. One was for them to keep and use. The other was for them to pass on to a friend. With in just a couple of days the number of car washes more than doubled at all 3 locations”

Nick Babulus, Express Lube, Norfolk VA

Increase of about 30% on reservation

“My wife and I have owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast going on 7 years next month. After coming across your info, we started thinking of a way to use the power of promotional products to increase our reservation rate. Knowing that women tend to make the choice of which bed & breakfast to book we thought a manicure set would work nicely. We experienced an increase of about 30% on reservation by just adding the gift. And by the way we love how our logo looks, thank you.”

Joey & Sarah, Proud Owners!

I always get an RSVP. Works like a charm

“The catering business relies heavily on building relationship with event and wedding planners. I needed a way to get their attention so that I could schedule them for a private tasting. After hearing you speak at a recent conference, I was able to come up with a hot sauce bottle with the invite printed right on the label. Now every time I send out an invitation I always get an RSVP. Works like a charm, I love it. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ROCK”

Tracy Sherman, Edible Memories, Las Vegas

“The hospital I work for was experiencing difficulty with the news media using the proper name of our newest out reach center in their news stories. Someone in marketing had read your report about the power of promotional products and we reached out to your company for help. We selected a pill bottle filled with paper clips and a prescription label printed with the name of our outreach center. We were stressed out about the concept but the reporters thought it was a fun and clever way to set the record straight. I saw the container on one reporter’s desk several months later.”

Nancy Tucker, Public Relations


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