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Welcome back!

Let me start by saying that statistically speaking you’re ahead of the game. I mean really today most people wouldn’t of made past part one of this blog post and yet you came back for part two which tells me you’re 100% committed and I promise this one is going to be much shorter.

Okay so where were we…Yes that’s right I was going to tell you about the good marketer and the bad accountant.

See it doesn’t matter if you’re a good accountant, doctor, plumber, printer, or whatever because if you fail as a marketer it’s hard to get clients.

And without clients, you’re out of business.
Let me give you two scenarios:

1. You’re a GOOD marketer but a BAD accountant

2. You’re a GOOD accountant but a BAD marketer

I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to be in the first scenario.

Remember what I mentioned before? Marketing is about attracting people to your business. So if you’re able to attract clients then you simply hire a good accountant to work for you.

The better you learn to market your business, the better your business will do and the more accountants you will hire.
So what’s my point?

The point I’m trying to get across to you is that you’re a marketer first and anything else second.

Nothing should come before marketing your business.

The businesses that fully understand this are the ones that are part of the TOP 5% of businesses that succeed. The TOP 5% get the fact that marketing must come before selling.

Marketing always comes first, selling always comes second.

Forget the old saying “Nothing happens until you sell something”

I’m here to tell you “Nothing sells until you market something”

Marketing is easy, selling is hard.

Remember from part one…

People LOVE to buy but they HATE to be sold.

I’ll use an example to prove my point…

It may take me a day or two to create a marketing campaign. The investment of time will allow me to market my message to hundreds even thousands of prospects at one time.

On the other hand, instead I could’ve spent day in and day out enduring the constant rejection of cold calling to unqualified prospects to have only reached a couple of people at the end of every day.

Miserable and filled with rejection, I’d have to find the courage and the will to do it again and again as the weeks progress before I close just one sale.

But with a marketing campaign, I’m able to reach multiple prospects at the same time so that those prospects who are interested can raise their hands above the crowd, reach for their phone and contact me.

That’s why marketing is easier than sales!

Another great question is “If marketing is so easy, why is no one doing it right??

The fact is that marketing is easy only when you know how to use it. You can spend a lot of money trying to find out on your own how to market your business effectively.

You’ll be broke even faster if you listen to “Big Media” sales reps. Doing what the BIG COMPANIES do is the mindset.

It probably goes something like this…

“They make millions… They know what they’re doing, if it works for them it’ll work for you”

Six months down the road, by the time you realize that you’ve spent BIG MONEY on BIG MEDIA marketing campaigns that produced small results, if any, you’re deep in debt and desperate for a solution.

So… if BIG MEDIA is not the solution to your problems. What is?

The solution came to me when I took over an almost bankrupt business back in 2000.

You won’t believe that the solution could be this simple… still… it is!

Your fellow business owners resolved your same marketing problems through…The Power of Promotional Products

Promotional Products DO Work!

Actually, they work like crazy.

I know you might have some doubts about this simple solution that I’m about to reveal to you… So, I’m prepared to prove it to you.

Order a copy of the book “Outrageous Promotions That Are Outrageously Effective” and see for yourself real case studies from real businesses.

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