Outrageous Promotions

About The Authors

Hi there, please give me a quick minute of your time to introduce myself, Robert Vico and my business partner and co-author Cristina Arce. We are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and self-diagnosed “Marketing Junkies.”

Since the age of 24 I’ve been an entrepreneur making it on my own and let me tell you it ain’t easy! I’ve made it on my own as a small business owner for over two decades. And after that many years in business I can confidently say that…

“I hate selling….but I LOVE marketing!”

Now don’t get me wrong selling products and services is how businesses make money. But the truth of the matter is that marketing is truly where the money is because nothing sells until you do the marketing.

Marketing always comes first…selling always comes second.

It took me a few years to learn that it’s not the selling that makes money but rather using the power of marketing to get people to buy because the reality is that people hate to be sold but they sure do love to buy.

So back in 2000 I took over a bankrupt screen-printing business and put my aggressive no BS marketing approach to work and I was able to quickly turn that bankrupt business around and create it into a million dollar business.

That business has now transformed from a t-shirt shop into a complete full-service promotional branding company that helps clients market and promote their businesses using the direct response marketing strategies that we’ve learned from the real-deal marketing gurus like Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer and combined it with the power of promotional products.

As self-diagnosed marketing junkies we’ve developed this unique approach to creating outrageously effective marketing by combing the power of the $20 billion dollar promotional products industry along with the explosive time-tested strategies of direct response marketing.

We are the originators of this powerful combination that creates explosive results for our clients. We don’t claim to be some kind of marketing guru. We simply discovered the lethal combination of direct response marketing and the power of promotional products.

Throughout our 15 years in marketing, we’ve helped entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses of all sizes create outrageous promotions that are outrageously successful. To get more info on how we can help you easily & quickly flood you business with more prospects, clients and sales than you can handle please give us a call at 305-888-7301.


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