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About Us

Hi there, please give me a quick minute of your time to introduce myself, Robert Vico and my business partner and co-author Cristina Arce. We are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and self diagnosed “Marketing Junkies”

Since the age of 24 I’ve been an entrepreneur making it on my own and let me tell you it ain’t easy!

I’ve been successful due to the sheer will and determination to make it on my own. I have been making it on my own as a small business owner for over two decades.

What The Heck Is An

Outrageous Promotion?

Outrageous Promotions is simply taking an outrageous approach to getting noticed. It’s using the power of promotional products in a way that no one else does. It’s standing out from the crowd so that your marketing is outrageously effective.

We do this with our unique approach of combing the power of promotional products with direct response marketing. This outrageous combination will create more prospects, clients, and sales than you can handle.


Will An Outrageous

Promotion Work For You?

Good question…

But first you must forget that “Oh my business is different…this won’t work for my business” crap because it doesn’t matter if you own a company selling sophisticated software to the Fortune 500 or a local ice cream shop, incredibly what you’re about to discover can “re-invent” your entire marketing process for the better!

And that’s just for starters!

Can You Afford An

Outrageous Promotion?

The question you should truly be asking yourself is…

”Can you afford to keep spending yourself broke trying to figure out how to market your business effectively?”

And I’m guessing your answer is a big “HECK NO!

I know this first hand because back in 2000 when I took over a bankrupt screen-printing business I couldn’t afford to NOT get big results from all of my marketing and promotions.

So I started to learn everything I could about marketing and I came across Dan Kennedy. And I was blown away by his teachings.


I’ve Heard Promo Products Don’t Work

When you say “promotional Products Don’t Work”…You’re absolutely right

You see, the way you’re using promotional products DOESN’T WORK!


Do Not Spend Another Penny On Ordering Promotional Products Until You Read This Important Information!


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