media2-48110857Last week we started talking about how Big Media marketing does not work especially for small to mid sized business.

We left off talking about how The Aspen Hills Tennis Club increased their ROI to just over 3,100% by changing their marketing from Big Media to a more direct and targeted campaign. If you did not have a chance to see that post you can catch up here (Link to previous post)

In this post, I want to show you how they increased the ROI to over 22,000% by understanding and calculating the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the 54 new members.

Lets not forget that when we left off last week we still haven’t added up the LTV of each new member = $18,000 (6 years X $3,000 per year.) So calculating the LTV of the 54 new members x $18,000= $972,000

With a net profit of $157,000 and a LTV of $972,000 that brings the total revenue created by this $5,000 dollar marketing campaign to $1,129,000 dollars.

That’s an ROI of over 22,000%

I guarantee you this tennis club never again ran a TV campaign. I’ll bet they stopped taking the sales reps calls.

While these results may sound unbelievable, I can assure you that the businesses that have discovered the power of promotional products when combined with direct response marketing are generating these kinds of results.

I know most people cannot even get their heads around these kinds of results. They just don’t believe this is possible or maybe they believe it isn’t possible for them to achieve these kinds of results.

The results are so phenomenal that they may sound too good to be true. Therefore, I needed to give you the proof that’s the reason why I’ve included the results of so many studies in the book. Believe me it wasn’t to bore you to death with facts and studies. To get your free copy click here

Plus not only do I give you the proof but I also show you first hand results from companies big and small that are creating marketing campaigns that are killing their competitors by simply using the power of promotional products.

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