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Can You Afford An OP


The question you should truly be asking yourself is…

”Can you afford to keep spending yourself broke trying to figure out how to market your business effectively?”

And I’m guessing your answer is a big “HECK NO!”

I know this first hand because back in 2000 when I took over a bankrupt screen-printing business I couldn’t afford to NOT get big results from all of my marketing and promotions.

So I started to learn everything I could about marketing and I came across Dan Kennedy. And I was blown away by his teachings.

15 years ago I made the decision that even though at the time I really couldn’t afford it; I was going to investment in his “Magnetic Marketing” course.

And let me tell you I was so stressed out about investing the money and agonizing over if any of this would work but none the less I invested in my business and in myself…and it paid off BIG TIME!

Nowadays I invest thousands of dollars per year and 100’s of hours learning, reading and studying marketing strategies to find the most highly effective ways to use direct-response marketing combined with the power of promo products to create Outrageous Promotions that generate BIG RESULTS for our clients.

Now imagine what it will do for your business to discover these direct-response marketing strategies that when combined with the power of promotional products instantly transforms your marketing.

Are you ready to transform your marketing?

Are you ready for BIG RESULTS?

Then Let The Transformation Begin!!!

Doesn’t it feel great to FINALLY discover the knowledge and the tools to flood your business with more prospects, clients and sales than ever before?

It’s been a long time since you’ve felt this good about your marketing, hasn’t it?

It’s exciting!

Aright…so let me get back to your question, “Can you afford an Outrageous Promotion?”

See I know from my 15 years in this industry that a few people reading this are thinking the same thing and wondering if they can afford to do this for their business so I’m glad you brought it up.

I’m going to  reveal to you how the additional cost is minimal in comparison to the increased response rate and the skyrocketing ROI.

Now let’s assume for a minute that your product/service sells for $300. So let’s say that you’re mailing out 1,000 sales letters and the cost of doing that is $600, which includes the letter, the envelope and the postage.

If you’re getting the standard 1% response rate then you’re getting 10 buyers at $300 which brings in $3,000 for every 1,000 pieces you mail out, creating a $2,400 return on investment (ROI).

Now let’s add a promotional product that cost $1.00. Your cost is now $1,600 which includes the letter, the envelope, the postage and the promotional product.

If you increase your response rate by just 1% for a response rate of 2% you bring 20 customers which totals $6,000 and generates a $4,400 ROI for the same 1,000 letters.

So while your cost went up by only $1, you DOUBLED the number of prospects turned into buying customers PLUS your ROI almost doubled.


When you factor in the lifetime value of the 20 new customers your ROI skyrockets even more.

If your average customer buys from you an average of three times the lifetime value (LTV) of each new customer is $900 ($300 x 3)

So now let me ask you a question… would you rather gain 10 new customers with a LTV of $9,000 (10 x $900) or…

Would you much rather prefer to gain 20 new customers for a LTV of $18,000 (20 x $900)

I have yet to come across one single business that wouldn’t want to

  • double their response rate,
  • double their return on investment,
  • double the number of new clients and
  • double their Life Time Value

Because they had to invest an extra $1.

Basically, the extra $1 it doesn’t matter, does it?

Who cares if you have to pay $50, $100 even $200 more when the results are responsible for doubling and even tripling sales?

So to answer your question…
HECK YHEA you can afford anOutrageous Promotion!

Because unlike traditional promotional products or big media marketing, the power of an outrageous promotions is that it generates a positive ROI so you’re actually making money instead of throwing money away on worthless marketing.

So In Essence It Costing You Money NOT To Use Them.

Ready to Get Started?

Everyday you wait to “think about it” or “get around to” is costing you money in missed sales…money that could be in your bank account.

The Time to Take Action Is… Now!


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