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I Love To Learn

I don’t know about you but I love to learn! Because the more I learn…the more I earn. You know what I find is truly scary? I recently read an article in the Washington Post and one number I...

Best Miami Promotional Products

2016 Is The Year, Part 2

PART TWO Welcome back! Let me start by saying that statistically speaking you’re ahead of the game. I mean really today most people wouldn’t of made past part one of this blog post and yet you came back for...


2016 Is The Year, Part 1

2016 Is The Year To Flood Your Business with More New Prospects, Clients, And Sales than You Can Handle! Now’s The Time! Let me start by saying that you’ve made an incredibly smart decisions to starting reading this blog...


Difference Between Marketing and Selling

I took the time to write this article because I so often have people walk up to me and ask…“Rob, What’s the difference between marketing and selling?” I usually give them a quick and easy answer… “Marketing is what...


Big Media Marketing DOES NOT WORK! Part 2

Last week we started talking about how Big Media marketing does not work especially for small to mid sized business. We left off talking about how The Aspen Hills Tennis Club increased their ROI to just over 3,100% by...


Big Media Marketing DOES NOT WORK! Part 1

Well the truth is that for big fortune 500 type companies with big budgets and cash to burn on experts it could work very well. But the fact is that big media marketing doesn’t work for small to mid...

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