Outrageous Promotions

I’ve Heard Promo Products Don’t Work


When you say “Promotional Products Don’t Work”… You’re absolutely right

You see, the way you’re using promotional products DOESN’T WORK!


Do Not Spend Another Penny On Ordering Promotional Products Until You Read This Important Information!

If you’re using promotional products in the ordinary way — just getting “stuff” printed with your logo and randomly giving it away — I have 5 words of advice for you…

STOP…Throwing Your Money Away!

I know this because after almost 15 years in the promotional products business I’ve come to realize that most businesses don’t know the first thing about using promotional products and are just throwing money out the window.

But it’s not your fault!

You’re just trying to do what’s right for your business.

I blame the companies selling you this “stuff”(Not all of them).

Truth be told most just don’t know any better. They’re simply in the business of selling stuff with logos, promo stuff, swag, etc.

Others are lazy! They truly know better but it’s just easier to NOT show you a better way to use promotional products. It’s easier to just sell you stuff.

And even worse some are simply greedy & lazy because it’s easy to set-up a website and start selling items cheaper than the other guy or even cheap, low quality items… it’s easy to make money at someone else’s expense.

They’re the reason why I hear so many business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers say…

“Promotional Products Don’t Work”

Between you and me, I laugh when I hear them…I’m sorry. I know it’s a bit mean but I can’t help but laugh when I hear such an absurd thing.

And every time you hear that…You should be HAPPY.

Why? Because that means a whole lot less people tapping into the power of promotional products.

So, What’s with all this promotional products don’t work talk anyway…

What’s really going on?

Okay it’s time to cut to the chase… My name is Robert Vico and as an industry insider I’m sick and tired of hearing people say “Promotional products don’t work.”

Many people, even those who consider themselves to be truly sophisticated marketers completely fail to understand how to effectively harness the power of promotional products as a marketing tool….Until they read my book. If you haven’t done so you can request your free copy right here

Let me give you a quick example of the wrong way and the right way to use the power of promotional products. First let me show you the wrong way.

Let’s say that a car dealership orders 1,000 key chains printed with their logo to giveaway.  After giving away the 1,000 key chains with no offer, no call to action (CTA) and no way of tracking the results, the dealership would end up thinking that promotional products simply didn’t work.

Now let me show you what a car dealership that read my book “Outrageous Promotions that are Outrageously Effective” would do instead…

The dealer ordered the same 1,000 key chains but they sent them to 1,000 people they targeted within a 10 mile radius of the dealership.

On the keychain they attached a key and let people know that if they come in and try the key on a car inside the showroom they could win a prize. The prize could be a travel mug or electronic tire gauge.

They also let people know that anyone who comes in and takes a test drive will get their choice of free gift such as a visor organizer or trunk organizer. And anyone who buys a car gets their choice of a free road side emergency kit or a first-aid kit.

Now they’ve created an outrageous promotion instead of a giveaway. At the end of the promotion the dealership can say we sent out 1,000 key chains and 32 people came in to try their key and win a free prize. 19 people ended up taking a test drive and 7 bought a car. The average used car sale was $21,000 so the promotion generated $147,000 in sales.

Now that’s a powerful promotion… that beats a giveaway any day.

That my friend is the right way to get the power of promotional products to Work!

Ask any one of our clients if promo products work and they’ll quickly respond…

Heck Yeah Promotional Products Work…

Actually, They Work Like Crazy!

I’m not saying you but… I’m sure there are still those that might have some doubts about this simple solution that I’ve revealed so I’m prepared to go the extra mile to prove it them. Checkout the reports below.

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That’s Right…The Best Marketing Tool for Your Business is the Power of Promotional Products!


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