Outrageous Promotions

About the Book

Discover A Proven, But Little-Known Secret To Tap Into Your Market And Immediately Bring In More Leads, Sell More Products & Services And Explode Your Revenue…Even In This Tough Economy.


Do Not Spend Another Penny On Ordering Promotional Products Until You Read This Important Information!

If you’re not creating outrageous promotions that are outrageously effective using the power of promo products and are simply just getting “stuff” printed with your logo and randomly giving it away — I have 5 words of advice for you…

STOP…Throwing Your Money Away!

I know this because with over 15 years in the business I’ve come to realize that most businesses don’t know the first thing about marketing using the power of promotional products and are just throwing money out the window.

In this book, I’m breaking the industry “code of silence”…I’m pulling back the curtain and for the first time ever giving you “behind-the-scenes’ access.  You’ll discover how simply combining the power of promotional products with direct response marketing strategies produces outrageously effective marketing for your company.

I’ll bet that the expensive Ad Agencies, the over-priced marketing “guru’s, the big media sales reps and even the promotional product companies, tell you nothing about it and would prefer you never discover it.

And honestly during this ever changing economy you need to forget about TV, Radio, Newspaper, TV and just about every other “Big Media” marketing and advertising and focus on this powerful and proven combination that generates more customers, prospects and sales than you can handle.

Plus you’ll also discover that you’ll have more time and money to do the things you really want to do…like go hit the golf course…spend time with the family…go on a much-needed vacation…or whatever!

Still think promotional products don’t work. Well check out the real life stories from “regular- ordinary” brick and mortar businesses, retail stores, insurance agencies, chiropractors, distributors, manufacturers , service industries, sales professionals (I think you get the point) all using the power of promotional products. Inside they share actual marketing examples along with the explosive results they’ve had on their businesses.

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