Outrageous Promotions

Will Outrageous Promotions Work for you?


Good question…

But first you must forget that “Oh my business is different…this won’t work for my business” crap because it doesn’t matter if you own a company selling sophisticated software to the Fortune 500 or a local ice cream shop, incredibly what you’re about to discover can “re-invent” your entire marketing process for the better!

And that’s just for starters!

Not only will you start making more money, but you’ll have more time do the things you really want to do…like go hit the golf course, spend time with the family or go on a much needed vacation or whatever.

The point is that when you have the right marketing tools in place the money keeps rolling in!

It’s important to note, I said having the right “marketing tools” not “sales tools.”

Because Success Is ALL About Marketing, Not About Sales.

(Please pay close attention because you’re about to get a crash course in effective marketing, forget what you learned in college.)

First you must understand that every business is also in the marketing business.

Let me repeat that…No matter what business you’re in, no matter what product you sell or what service you provide, you’re not only in that business but most importantly you are also in the business of marketing the product or service of that business.

Allow me to explain…If you’re an Accountant, you are in the accounting business and also in the business of marketing your accounting firm.

Or if you own an ice cream shop, you’re in the ice cream business and you’re also in the business of marketing your ice cream shop.

Do you see my point?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good accountant, doctor, plumber, printer, or whatever because if you fail as a marketer it’s hard to get clients.

And without clients, you’re out of business.

Let me give you two scenarios:

  1. You’re a GOOD marketer but a Bad accountant
  2. You’re a GOOD accountant but a Bad marketer

I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to be in the first scenario because marketing is about attracting people to your business.

So if you’re able to attract clients then you simply hire a good accountant to work for you.

The better you learn to market your business, the better your business will do and the more accountants you will hire.

So what’s my point? Well let me assure you that my point is not to encourage you to be a bad accountant.

The point I’m trying to get across to you is that…“regular- ordinary” brick and mortar businesses, retail stores, insurance agencies, chiropractors, distributors, manufacturers , service industries, sales professionals (I think you get the point) businesses; just like yours and mine, are all using the power of promotional products to create outrageously effective marketing and so can you!


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